About Bowles Mulch

In April 1989, Ralph Bowles started selling mulch in Great Mills. This business began as a means to supplement his income after retiring. A sign was placed on the family farm, truck loads of mulch were delivered, and Ralph was in business.

Over the years customers became friends. Ralph enjoyed talking with everyone. His mulch pile has become a landmark. They enjoyed his company and conversation as well as the quality of his product and the price. After working the mulch for several years he came to be known as “The Mulch Man”.

When Ralph got out of the Army in 1955 his first purchase was a 1956 Oliver Super 55 Tractor. Even though we have upgraded to a new tractor, the Oliver Super 55 is still running strong today.


Bulk Mulch and Compost Pick Up

  • Bulk mulch and compost can be picked up anytime during our business hours.
  • Any type of cap or cover must be removed from your truck or trailer for loading. Equipment is used to load bulk mulch, we do not load bulk products by hand.
  • It’s the law to cover your load with a tarp. Netted or mesh tarps work best.

Bulk Mulch and Compost Delivery

  • Delivery of our products is available. A fee is charged according to your location. Our service is for driveway deliveries only!
  • It’s best to have bulk mulch and compost dumped on your driveway. Some people prefer it to be dumped on a tarp for easier clean up.
  • If the mulch or compost will not be spread for several days, tarping it will prevent it from absorbing rain water and keep weed seeds from blowing into it.